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Latest News

Thursday, May 4, 2023 (STAR WARS Day)

In honor of STAR WARS Day 2023, we've got two limited edition logo mashup tees -- available now!

Each design is limited to 100 units and includes a hand-numbered authentication card

You can grab these bad boys in person, order them for pickup on our Toast menu, or purchase them for mailorder over at our webstore

Get 'em while they're hot...and May the 4th Be With You!!

(Merch items are currently unavailable for UberEats and Postmates orders)

Friday, April 28, 2023

Turner's Premium Iced Tea is back, baby! Grab a pint and kick back

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Hey Spakheads,

We're excited to announce that fresh pints of 100% vegan ice cream are available now, courtesy of Pittsburgh's own Sugar Spell Scoops

Navigate to the Frozen Treats* section of our takeout menu to get a peek at the current flavors, and enjoy that cashewy goodness!

(*These items are currently unavailable for UberEats and Postmates orders)

Can I call you?

Currently no. We don't use our phone. We have a service email that you can email with questions.

What service do you use for ordering Take Out?

We use Toast, which will show you what menu items we have available. There's also an App for Google and Apple.

What service do you use for ordering Delivery?

We use Uber Eats, which will also show you what menu items we have available. You can also order with the Uber App. Google and Apple.

I didn't recieve a text message.

Sometimes Toast doesn't work perfectly and you don't recieve a message. If you never recieved a text simply email for more help.

I didn't recieve my estimated order time.

Toast provides you with an estimated time and an order number. If you never recieved one, just email for assistance.

Is there added Gratuity?

Yes. Yes there is. Any order over $100 will have an additional 15% gratuity added.

Can you help me look cool and be interesting to my friends?

We have a merch store designed specifically to make you cooler and more interesting.



3pm - 9pm



5107 Penn Avenue

Pittsburgh, Pa

We Are What We Eat

Spak Brothers is committed to offering food that is local, sustainable, and healthy whenever possible. Our vegan cheese contains no casien. We use only unbleached, umbromated flour, and there are no refined sugars in our sauce or dough.